Days Out

Monday, 27 October 2014 16:03

Ripleys Believe It Or Not!

In terms of places we've visited while doing these reviews Ripleys is up there with the strangest!! 6 floors of complete randomness housing over 700 exhibits of the wierd and wonderful collected over the years by Robert Ripley. Celebrating the wierd, wonderful and bizarre Ripleys has something for everyone from artwork made from toys and sweets, to real live shrunken heads and a mirror maze. It's a fab day out and educational too and you see some real treasures as well as some interactive and gruesome exhibits. It's value for money and you can easily lose at least half a day walking around. If you're a fan of the strange and odd then this is definitely for you. For more info on Ripleys and for tickets go to
Friday, 22 August 2014 12:08

Buckingham Palace

When we decided to do this feature the first place Amelia wanted to visit was Buckingham Palace. Having visited London on numerous occasions and seeing the changing of the guards as a youngster I was actually really looking forward to seeing what was behind the gates. Buckingham Palace didn't dissapoint at all. It was incredibly grand with loads of extravagantly decorated staircases and furniture, a really eclectic and vast collection of art and scupltures. It's really interesting to look around and each room has numerous photographs of various members of the past and present royal family in that room and explains exactly what each room is used for. Picture courtesy of Andrew Holt As part of the tour you visit the Throne Room and also various different dining rooms, all named after the colours that they are. Staff througout the Palace will answer any questions you may have and show…
Friday, 15 August 2014 13:43

London Dungeon

I won't lie when we decided that we were going to visit London Dungeon I was a little bit aprehensive. I don't like the dark, I don't like things that make you jump and my reaction to someone jumping out at me is likely to be them getting a punch so all in all this was the place on our list I was looking forward to the least. The website doesn't give a lot away so really you're venturing into the unknown - I am not a fan of the unknown!! Having asked various cast members on the way in if people were going to jump out at me and being satisfied I wasn't going to have any spiders crawling over me we entered the dungeon. Even that is part of the experience and you walk passed jail cells with inmates in and various methods of torture.   London Dungeon…
Tuesday, 05 August 2014 14:35


Beaulieu is another reminder of my childhood with my Dad threatening to buy the big orange bubble car every time that we went so I was quite excited to take Amelia there and see if it was the same as I remembered.   Beaulieu is first and foremost a motor museum, with cars and motorbikes from throughout the years including some of the earliest modes of transport. It's an interesting place for those of you who are into cars. The 'Top Gear' exhibit houses some of the more interesting and mad contraptions from the TV Show and quite a lot smaller than I would have thought.   There is also a few famous cars on display including 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and cars from Harry Potter and James Bond.   I was pleased to see that the monorail was still there and this was something that Amelia really enjoyed this…
Monday, 28 July 2014 12:19

ZSL London Zoo - Regents Park

Having visited London Zoo as a child this was definitely one of the first places that came to mind when thinking about 'Days Out'. In my opinion it's one of the best Zoos in the UK. As well as the animal attractions to keep the kids (and adults) amused - who can resist the cuteness of the Meerkats, there is a lot of educational activites and interactive features too. The bug house was particularly interesting showing all the different places that bugs live and how to find them. There is a play area within the petting zoo which was designed by kids and this was a firm favourite - make sure you take a towel as there is a small water park within it. The zoo is split into 2 parts and there is quite a lot of walking involved. To avoid crowds try to explore the Africa side of…