Band of Skulls NST City gig review


So what was the fuss all about? Was it worth the hype? Well quite simply yes! There have been several events in music which we wished we could have been present, such as, Metallica’s S&M or Nirvana’s unplugged, the list goes on. Well we saw one of those historical moments with Band of Skulls.

We all know and love Band of Skulls, having produced 4 incredible albums and countless anthems they are rock legends from Southampton, but how/what are The Space Between Collective and why were they performing with Band of Skulls?

The Space Between Collective are a brand new Southampton-based ensemble formed to collaborative with leading rock and pop acts at NST City, in essence a kick ass orchestra.

Having never been to the new NST City theatre we didn’t know what to expect, especially as this gig was the first ever music gig to be held at the venue. NST itself is lovely very comfortable seats, great sound and a pretty awesome atmosphere.

The night began with Kitty O’Neal a wonderfully talented act with a beautiful voice who really set the tone for the evening.

Now it was time for the main event! The stage was set The Space Between Collective were ready, then out came Band of Skulls to the roar of the crowd so excited for what we were about to experience. Smashing out the hits from Asleep at the wheel to Bruises it was epic, stripping back each track to its raw acoustic elements then rebuilding them with the orchestra was something truly incredible to witness.

Not only were we treated to the best Band of Skulls had to offer from their back catalogue, we also had a couple of covers truly local to Southampton, if you’ve never heard it check out Woolston Ferry and we promise it will put a smile on your face.

One of the highlights of the evening was Himalayan with the TSPC version it could’ve been a bond theme, rocking out (within reason) with an Orchestra is the way to go!

The Space Between Collective and the NST City are defiantly worth keeping an eye on, who will they get next? We don’t know but if its anything like the Band of Skulls gig it will 100% be worth checking out.

Review by Simon and Lu

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