Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer Makes Our Hearts Melt

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is coming to the UK cinemas on March 17th and I think it’s fair to say there’s a lot of excitement around the movie. Disney doesn’t have that many fairytales left to adapt, and this one seems to be setting itself up to be a big ‘un.

For one, Emma Watson is finally getting promoted to a Disney princess (every little girl’s dream, unless the girl grows up to be a women’s rights’ activist… right?) and it looks like the perfect match. I’m hoping for a refreshing take on the character, and that’s the direction Emma seems to take Belle, getting rid of some traditional princess’y gear. Maybe that’s why they did away with traditional trailers and gave us this:

I’m personally grateful. Having not heard Watson sing before or since THAT scene in Noah, I’ve been wondering and guessing, but it’s looking strong. So another thing to look forward to in March!

A few actors have been branching out into more musical roles, thinking back on Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s performances in La La Land. Worked out well for them, didn’t it?

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