Beyond Control



Beyond Control was founded in 2014 by local scene veteran and Voice FM presenter Stu J,  to provide Southampton’s airwaves with a reliable anddiscerning Saturday night techno presence.

Since the summer of 2017, the management of the show has been taken over by Wayne DJC and Digital Fist who continue to present and play an edgier selection than most of the earlier evening programming, alongside an array of guests both local and from around the planet, covering the full spectrum from deep and minimal, through to hard acid.

Archives of the shows are stored at, and they can be contacted on Twitter, @BeyondControlVC, as well as the usual @VoiceFMRadio, or via the Facebook page.

pastedGraphic_1.pngDigital Fist

Digital Fist is currently based in Southampton, UK, having been denied re-entry to the mothership, and has been spinning breakbeat, techno(/tech-house) and drum&bass for approximately 17 years, with occasional excursions into psytrance & various downtempo meanderings, while newly rediscovering production following a mysterious 13 year hiatus.

He has appeared at various clubs across the south coast of England, primarily in Brighton and Southampton (resident at Dropoutz), occasional remote forests, and a handful of small festivals, most recently Triplicity 2015 in Devon, where he opened the chill stage.

Digital Fist has been involved in multiple broadcasting projects both internet and terrestrial and maintains a fortnightly breakbeat focused show entitled Synthetic Aperture, on, as well as co-presenting and managing Voice FM’s Beyond Control, alongside Wayne DJC.He cites as primary influences: Orbital, dub as both an aesthetic and an engineering technique, the mathematical underpinning of reality, and a homeless guy called Keith he once found living in a park. Digital Fist also likes nice people, space exploration, and the smell of a plan coming together in the morning.For more, see, which is an ongoing work in progress, or @digitalfist on Twitter where you may also bear witness to occasional outbursts of landscape photography, and complaining about public transport. Please contact [email protected] for bookings.


Wayne DJC

Having been absent for some time, whilst travelling Asia, Wayne DJC is now back on Southampton’s underground music scene, spinning tech-house/acid/techno, and occasional bits of disco.

Wayne is a veteran mobile DJ and also plays regularly on The Mushroom Club and InProgress Radio, and has played at a number of international festivals including  Queensday in Amsterdam, and Portugal’s Freekuency Festival, as well as in clubs supporting the likes of Eat Static, System 7, Zub Zub, Zetan Spore, and Keepers Brew.

He has also played alongside James Zabiela, Jon ‘00’ Fleming, and legends Blu Peter, Jon The Dentist, Ian M & OD404.

In July 2016, Wayne took over co-presenting and managing Beyond Control, alongside Digital Fist.

Wayne DJC Facebook page +  + @WayneDJC