Boomtown 2018 review!

When we first got invited to Boomtown festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect! The team behind the festival cite it as an “immersive experience”, which I must be honest… I wasn’t sure what they meant! After spending an incredible Weekend on site, I can confirm that Boomtown is a festival like no other!

If you’ve ever been to Glastonbury and visited the infamous South West corner… This festival is for you! I can only liken the festival to the south west corner as its own festival! It’s absolutely incredible! Boomtown is based around the president of a story which carries through the years, this year being known as chapter 10 with different areas of the festival being themed around different areas of a city.

The set up is like nothing I’ve ever seen at another festival in this country, they take immersive to an entirely different level! The actors who are all over site and the way the site is set does make you feel like you are in a city and you become completely engrossed in the site and forget you’re in a field in Winchester!

My favourite headliner from the weekend was Gorillaz! A band who I have wanted to see for years but the festival is an incredible mix of dance music and everything in-between all the way through to the likes of Enter Shikari and limp Bizkit who both absolutely rocked the town centre stage!

If you plan on going, I would highly recommend boomtown springs! This is the festivals VIP camping area and is one of the best I’ve seen in all my years of going to festivals! They have multiple options ranging from airstreams and safari tents all the way to bringing your own tent! The immersive experience continues in the campsite with your own team of “reps” as such on site and the infamous mansion parties! Think raves in a big house with a swimming pool!

Overall, Boomtown is more than just a festival. Boomtown is an experience! I can’t quite put into words how phenomenal this place is, and how much work goes into curating the entire set up. If you get the chance to go, DO IT. I went in, not being the biggest dance music fan but came out so happy I went! There is so much more to this place than the music!

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