Christmas delivery chaos as parcels ‘left in bins’

People are facing Christmas delivery mayhem with some consumers reporting their parcels have been late, have not arrived at all, or have been opened by their neighbours.

A survey of 2,099 people by consumer group Which? found 56% of people did not receive a delivery when expected, with 21% saying at least one of their parcels did not arrive at all.

One person said their package was left under their car, one had a fragile item “tossed over the gate”, and another said their package was delivered to a neighbour who opened it and showed it to people in the village.

About 10% of people surveyed said a delivery had been left outside without their permission, 4% said theirs was left in a bin and 3% said their item was thrown over a hedge or fence.

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Some 2% of people were unable to retrieve a parcel that was left with an unauthorised person.

Among consumer complaints were long delays, lack of communication and items being damaged after being forced through letterboxes.

Only 35% received their package within the timeframe they expected.

However, more than half (57%) of people who had an item delivered late did not make a complaint.

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In a separate survey, Which? found many shoppers do not know who to contact in the event of a botched delivery. One in three incorrect thought they should contact the delivery company, and only half of those surveyed knew that complaints should be directed to the retailer.

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Which? director Alex Neill said: “A delivery nightmare can cause unwanted stress at this time of year, when more than ever customers want to know things will arrive in one piece and on time.

“Make sure you know your rights this Christmas just in case something unexpected happens to your delivery.”