Fosters launch DAVEO in response to Male body image pressure.

With shows such as Love Island increasingly dictating the desired body type of six packs, sculpted arms and broad shoulders, men are put under increasing pressure to match up. Fosters have launched a campaign to combat this, creating DAVEO, a statue by Michaelangelo (a 33 year old Glaswegian) who’s round stomach and hairy chest tackles the ‘perfect’ male body image. The four metre long idol has been curated using input from men up and down the UK in response to a third of men saying there is too much pressure on them to look perfect. The Australian Beer brand have also named Ed Sheeran as having the most relatable body type, closely followed by James Corden and Danny Dyer.

Richard Barnes, marketing manager for the brand said ” “In this Love Island world, DAVEO and body positivity is something we want our drinkers and the country talking about. “Our statue represents a more modern-day male – one where positive body image doesn’t have to come from an unrealistic perception of perfection. “We just want to encourage men to feel comfortable in their own skin. Real is the new ideal.” 

The statue is currently on the look for a home in a museum.  If  you’d like to exhibit DAVEO to show your support, you can get in touch via

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