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There’s a lot of people here at Voice FM, we’re all volunteers and we all bring something unique to the station. To let you know a little bit more about what it’s like to volunteer here and to maybe give you that little push you might need to apply, I thought it would be nice to do some profiles on the people behind the voices you hear and the people who do the all important behind the scenes things.

It’s International Womens Day so why not start with one of the ladies…


Who are you, What do you do at Voice and how long have you been involved?

Hi I am Shelley Edwards and I have a Well Being Show on Sundays at 11am to 12 noon. Sometimes my husband, Pat, guest presents with me and I often have interesting people to interview in the world of Well Being and looking after ourselves.

I have been involved right from the start in 2011/2012 and I have been involved in many different shows from covering the Breakfast show and Drivetime as well as Something for the Weekend which was a bit like “Loose Women” on the radio!.  My Well Being show covers so many topics and is all about helping my audience to live a better life,  I am a Life Coach, Mentor and Trainer, Motivational speaker as well as a Yoga Teacher and massage therapist so I have a massive amount of experience , tools and techniques to assist my listeners.  Topics can range from weight loss, healthy eating, stress and anxiety, career pathways, motivation, limiting beliefs,  confidence and self esteem to phobias, holistic remedies and much more! 

I also help with the book keeping and admin duties at Voice FM.

How did you find out about Voice and what inspired you to want to volunteer?

I guest presented for someone I know who works at Active Nations and had a monthly slot on Unity 101 to talk about getting active ,losing weight etc so he invited me on to talk to people live on air and help them with motivation and answering questions about weight loss and well being.  The station manager, Kelly, asked if I would then be interested in being part of a show on Voice FM that was just about to go live. So of course I said yes!  I have a passion for personal development and helping people to help themselves so it was very exciting to be asked to be a part of local radio.  This then led to me having my own Well Being Show.

What is it you love about being involved?

Voice FM is a great entity and has a fab track record for helping students and volunteers to grow.  There are so many success stories and we really are on the map for giving people a platform to learn and grow in Community Radio.  I also get to help people which is important to me and give back to the community.

What’s been your favourite thing it has enabled you to do so far?

I have had so many fabulous opportunities at Voice FM.  So many stand out moments including getting great feedback from how my show has helped my audience, that is so important to me.

I have had a lot of wonderful experiences including interviewing Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin Criminals and then attending his backstage party. I have interviewed the legend and huge anchor to my teenage years, Alison Limerick, as well as many other comical interviews with the likes of Brandon Block, and Jeremy Healey.

Apart from your own what other shows do you listen to?

Depends as I have so many different things going on in a day that I tend to tune in and out because no two days are the same for me.  I love Don Jons Soul Train and  Stu Js Wednesday night fix when I am not with clients, Shelley Lozano has a fab show on Sundays too.  Balmys mid day mix is always a good listen and of course Club Night Live!

What do you do when you’re not here?

Lots of things, shortly off on a Yoga Retreat in India! I run retreats too, Yoga, Coaching, training, mentoring, workshops.  Walking, stand up paddling, Kayaking, body boarding, holidays, day trips, and, and, and……..


Thing about living in Southampton?

Green areas to explore! Voice FM! Lots of lovely clients! Lots of nice nature walks. Interesting history.


Paul Weller!!, its all about the Dance music, hip hop, Soul, funk, two tone, ska, Northern Soul, Reggae and so much more. Love Classical too. 


Obviously the great cult movies with De Niro and Pacino, like Goodfellas, Scarface etc but I like movies that keep me intrigued, so a good thriller where I need to work if out, comedies an even a romcom if it keeps me awake lol!   Not to good with Horrors but If I am feeling  brave I will watch one.  Some of the latest movies like “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box” were brilliant.  It’s a series not a movie but I am into the Walking Dead, and if you have told me that I would be into a movie about zombies, I would have laughed and said no way, but the story line and intrigue has got me hooked!

Radio Personality?

Love Sarah Cox, she cracks me up and Zoe Ball is awesome too!

You can find Shelley every Sunday from 11am-midday, follow her on

Twitter: Shelleyatpts

Follow me on Facebook: Shelley Progress to Success

Linked In: Shelley Edwards

Website: www.progresstosuccess.co.uk

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