Jerk Jam is Approaching

Jerk Jam is fast approaching, and we’re only getting more excited. There’s a reason we’ve been talking about it a lot recently: it’s the biggest year yet.

The musical lineup includes: Aswad, Luck & Neat, Nicky Blackmarket, Skamargeddon, Paper Trains and Voice FM’s Don Jon, Stu J, Riskology Radcliffe and Pure Klass DJs.

We’ll be there, and you should be too. There’s an endless supply of things to do, for people of all ages. The legendary barbecue battle is back, there’ll be live graffiti, bars & food stalls; along with a rodeo bull, face painting, and more for the kids.

Saturday, 22nd July is the date & if you want tickets (there are just over 500 tickets left, so be quick!) check the website out:

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