Johnson blasts ‘vendetta’ against Green

Boris Johnson has piled fresh pressure on police over de facto deputy Prime Minister Damian Green’s sacking, claiming he is the victim of a “vendetta”.

The Foreign Secretary backed his ousted Cabinet colleague, branding the leak of secret details from a raid on the Ashford MP’s parliamentary office as “a bit whiffy”.

He added his voice to calls for further investigation of the way police evidence about legal porn being found on Mr Green’s work computer in 2008 became public.

“I’m very sad for Damian and I think he has been a fine public servant and done a great job,” Mr Johnson said on a trip to Russia.

Damian Green has been sacked as First Secretary of State

Image: Mr Green was sacked as First Secretary of State

“Hopefully one day he will come back and continue to serve in other ways.

“I think plainly, judging by the exchange of letters, he agreed that he had broken the ministerial code so the result was inevitable.

“But I think it was a bit whiffy, frankly, this business with whatever happened with the information from his computer.

“I don’t quite see why that was brought into the public domain in the way it was. I think it needs to be investigated further, as the Prime Minister was saying.

“It had the slight feeling of a vendetta.”

It's been a nightmare week for Theresa May after deadlock over Northern Ireland

Image: Theresa May has called for leaked police evidence to be investigated

It comes after Theresa May said she “shared the concerns” of those questioning how details of the material found on Mr Green’s computer were made public.

Scotland Yard has announced it referred former assistant commissioner Bob Quick and retired officer Neil Lewis to privacy watchdog the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

It said there were concerns over possible breaches of data protection laws.

Scotland Yard is reviewing all current rape and sexual abuse investigations

Image: Scotland Yard referred two former officers to the ICO

Mr Green resigned on Wednesday night, after being asked to stand down by Mrs May for making two “misleading” statements about knowledge of the claims there was porn found on his office computer.

A Cabinet Office investigation into the incident cleared him of downloading or viewing the material.

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And it found on allegations that he inappropriately touched a female journalist that his behaviour had been “generally professional and proper”.

Mr Green denies acting improperly but has apologised and said he “deeply regrets the distress” caused to her.