KFC chickens out on DHL after delivery crisis

KFC has returned to its old delivery contractor to supply chicken to restaurants after hundreds were forced to close last month.

Bidvest Logistics had lost its KFC contract only for DHL to struggle maintaining the flow of meat and other goods to the brand’s 900 outlets, in what were described as “teething problems”.

The vast majority of restaurants were shut at one stage with KFC facing taunts of ‘told you so’ from union officials, who said they had warned the company in advance that Bidvest was best-placed to handle its business.

On Thursday, Bidvest said it was “delighted” to confirm it had signed a new long-term agreement with KFC UK & Ireland to supply 350 restaurants across northern England and Wales.

Its business unit director, Paul Whyte, said: “As the UK’s leading foodservice logistics specialist, we understand the complexities of delivering fresh chicken.

“KFC are a valued customer and we will provide them with a seamless return to our network.”

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KFC was yet to comment and it was unclear whether the return to Bidvest was a decision taken by KFC or an admission by DHL that it was unable to fulfil its obligations.

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