Sequel to M.Night Shyamalan’s supernatural thrillers Split and Unbreakable

I’ll be honest, although I was looking forward to seeing this movie I wasn’t expecting to have this as my movie of the week. I was expecting to enjoy another movie more than this one.

This film ties up the Unbreakable and Split movies following on from both of them. Here we find Bruce Willis’ David Dunn running a home security firm by day and being somewhat of a vigilante by night. After being the sole survivor of a fatal train crash years before he finds himself not only ‘Unbreakable’ but also able to see visions when he has contact with people.

After a series of brutal murders in the area David and his son Joseph have managed to figure out where this serial killer may have the latest of his victims held. He walks around knocking into people until he finds the one who is responsible through one of his visions. This so happens to be Kevin Crumb in the guise of Hedwig one of his many personalities.

Both himself and Kevin are then captured and taken to a mental hospital where Dr Ellie Staple is heading a research project into individuals who believe they have superpowers. She wants to convince them that they don’t and that they do in fact have some sort of mental illness.

Joining the two in the hospital is Elijah, or Mr Glass, a man of incredible intelligence but very brittle bones. Are these gentlemen actually superheroes or is Dr Staple correct? How will each one prove the other wrong and who is right?

This film has an incredible cast. James McAvoy is sensational in this. Playing someone with multiple personality disorder has got to be a challenge but the speed that he switches between characters and the smoothness of it is just incredible. There’s one scene with about 10 changing every few seconds. Hedwig, the 9 year old boy seems to be the most prominent in this one and we see more of his real identity as well. He is the best thing about this film. I think I preferred this one to Split, there’s more of his personalities. Bruce Willis reprises his role as David Dunn and Samuel L. Jackson is back as Elijah.

As is expected from movies from M. Night there are some shocking twists in this film. Its one of those that keeps you guessing, you think you know what’s going on and then it goes off in a totally different direction. It’s essentially a film about Superheroes, maybe a bit of an Origin movie.

It’s not as creepy as I was expecting it to be, I normally find myself a little jumpy in his movies. This doesn’t have any of that. It’s very clever though, brilliant script incredible cast and it really does make you think about the possibility of there being some real life superheroes….

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