‘Oxfam has proved we can’t trust them’

Oxfam’s reaction to the scandal of their aid workers proved the charity can’t be trusted, writes The Pledge panellist Carole Malone…

Those pious, sanctimonious, middle-class lefties running Britain’s charities who insist it’s our duty to give more and be more compassionate to the world’s disadvantaged.

Well, it turns out some aid workers have been sexually abusing the disadvantaged in Haiti – and elsewhere – by sleeping with prostitutes, some of whom may have been underage.

But there was no big mea culpa from Oxfam. Their immediate reaction was the story was “old news”. No apology for the hideous betrayal of the people they exist to help. Or to the British people – who they’ve conned and let down.

The logo on the front of an Oxfam bookshop is photographed in Glasgow on February 10, 2018

The wickedness of those sleazy aid workers has made good, decent people mistrust all charities and think twice about giving.

Oxfam has proved it can’t be trusted with our hard-earned cash so it’s time this Government stopped funding its failure and debauchery.

From now on, any charity that doesn’t disclose details of sexual misconduct should have its funding suspended. Sacking those guilty of raping or abusing the vulnerable is nowhere near enough.

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They must be prosecuted to hell and back.

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