Oxford Street: Police say ‘go into a building’

Armed police are responding to reports of shots fired on London’s Oxford Street and at Oxford Circus Tube station.

Met Police has warned shoppers on Oxford Street to “go into a building” and says it is responding “as if the incident is terrorist-related”.

Armed officers have been seen inside Selfridges and Oxford Circus Tube station, both of which have been closed.

British Transport Police says it has received one report of a woman sustaining a minor injury when leaving Oxford Circus station. There are no other reported casualties.

Video: Shoppers flee Oxford Street Tube

Shoppers and commuters are being urged to stay away from the area.

Pictures and video on social media show armed police at the station and people being led away from Oxford Street.

Some have reported being caught in “stampedes” near the station.

London Fire Brigade says it has three fire engines and 15 firefighters in attendance.

Memebrs of the public at Selfridges

Image: Shoppers being led out of Selfridges

Sky’s Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White said: “We’re not hearing – at this stage – of any injuries. There is still a great deal of confusion around that area.

“We’re also told that nearby Bond Street station is closed as well, the next station up from Oxford Circus on the Central line.”

Bryce Malcolmson, who works in Soho, said he was in Oxford Circus Tube station when he heard a call over the loudspeaker for a police officer to attend one of the platforms.

He told Sky News: “Suddenly I just heard screaming and people running out of the station. Everybody turned round in sort of pandemonium and started trying to exit the Tube as quickly as possible.

Oxford Circus incident

Image: People comfort each other near Oxford Circus Tube station

“I got up to the top by the ticket barriers and they were all open. I ran out on to the street but it was almost as if no one knew anything had happened down below.

“Within…a couple of minutes there were armed response units and police cars absolutely everywhere. I think people were so unsure what had happened they were running in all directions.”

Tourist Lanna Woodward said she witnessed the aftermath of panic on Oxford Street.

The 20-year-old, from California, said: “Before it all I saw about 30 police officers speeding down the street.

“We were in the Kingdom of Sweets and then saw a massive crowd of people running and screaming.

“People were climbing on top of each other. The store we were in was locked down, the manager wouldn’t let us leave –
they said there had been a shooting at the entrance of the Tube station.”

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