Parole chief to face MPs over rapist’s release

The chair of the Parole Board is to give evidence to MPs to answer for the “disturbing” imminent release of rapist John Worboys.

Professor Nick Hardwick will be summoned to Parliament’s justice select committee after it was announced that sex offender Worboys would be released soon after serving his minimum sentence.

Committee chair Bob Neill said in a statement on Friday: “It is vital that the public has confidence in Parole Board decisions.

“For that reason, I shall be recommending to the Committee that we ask the Chair of the Board, Professor Nick Hardwick, to give evidence to the Justice Committee about what has happened, in particular the failure to inform victims of Worboys release, for which he has rightly apologised.

“We must be reassured that victims are fully involved in the whole of the process.

“We will also want to ask about how the Parole system can be made much more transparent, something Nick Hardwick himself has rightly called for.

“In my view it is ridiculous that the current rules prevent the Board making public the reasons for their decisions.

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“Professor Hardwick has called for MPs to back ‘opening the process up’ and we will give him the opportunity to make precisely that case.”

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