Pensioner death: CCTV and e-fit released

Eileen Blane was violently attacked at her home in South Manchester a year ago.

Police have released images of two men they wish to speak in a fresh bid for new information.

It was 2.30pm on 3rd February 2017 when the 87-year-old answered her door on Castleton Avenue and a man forced his way in. He beat the grandmother relentlessly, demanded cash and ripped the wedding ring from her finger.

Eileen’s injuries were horrific, but somehow she managed to escape and alert neighbours. After nearly two months in hospital she returned home but died a day later.

Her son David Blane described the family’s torment: “He took £30 and my mum’s wedding ring. My mum’s wedding ring was on her finger 63 years. And that was one of the most heart-rending things that could have happened to my mum – and that alone could have killed her.”

CCTV footage of a man police want to talk to over Eileen Blane's death

Video: CCTV of Eileen Blane suspect

As the family copes with the first anniversary of this attack, police have released new CCTV footage of a man seen shopping in the Co-Op on Barton Road at 2.30pm where Eileen had been seen earlier that day.

Police wish to speak to him along with a second man revealed in an e-fit image who was seen on Chatsworth Road, just five minutes from Eileen’s home.

Along with these images police have shared a recording of Eileen describing the attack to officers.

The grandmother can be heard saying “He started chucking me about, and I couldn’t get up…He just wouldn’t stop hitting me – that was the main thing.”

Eileen Blane spent two months in hospital but died the day after going home

Video: Eileen Blane describes the attack to police

The 87 yr old described it as a nightmare and said: “He said I weren’t going to get out, you see, he was going to make sure we didn’t.”

A £50,000 reward still stands for anyone with information that could lead to a successful conviction.

Detective Inspector John Mulvihill from Greater Manchester Police says “I implore anyone who recognises these men to get in touch or if you believe this is you please contact us immediately.

“Even the smallest piece of information could be crucial in helping us find the person responsible for Eileen’s murder.”

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Eileen’s son John recalls speaking to his mother in hospital: “She had two main concerns – has he been caught yet?

“She was concerned he’s going to do this to somebody else. Her second concern was he’s going to kill someone, and unfortunately he did, our mum.”