PHOTOS: Driver rammed 85-year-old’s parked car twice – because her new boots slipped off accelerator

A GRAN whose car was written off while stationery on her drive has thanked the Echo for helping her find found the culprit.

As previously reported, Norrie Somerville-Jacklin, 85, was making an evening meal when a driver rammed her car twice while it was parked on her drive – leaving her stranded without her “lifeline” Peugeot 106.

Now the gran of seven said after her story appeared in the Daily Echo a woman believed to be in her seventies or eighties has come forward.

Romsey resident Ms Somerville-Jacklin will now have the use of a courtesy car, and the driver’s insurance will pay for damage to her garden wall.

“Talk about the power of the press! It’s a fantastic result. An elderly lady came round clutching a copy of the Romsey Advertiser.

“She had been walking her dog in the park and put the dog in the car. She said she had got some new boots and her foot slipped on the accelerator.

“She was in one incredible panic,” said. Ms Somerville-Jacklin, adding: “I’m delighted. I can’t thank you enough.

“Thank goodness I have got a car now. I can get about and everything can be put right”.

Ms Somerville-Jacklin said that police had also been in touch, despite initially saying that the incident had been filed pending further information coming to light.

The Echo contacted the driver but she declined to comment.