#100moviesin2020 - Movie number 1 - The Gentlemen

2019 was a good year for movies, besides Cats but that came at the very end so we'll just pretend that one didn't happen. According to my cinema card statement I watched 120 last year. I watch a lot of things more than once - Golden Globe winning Rocketman was my favourite of last year and at least 10 of those 120 were that - this year I thought I'd try this 100 films in a year thing and watch 100 different ones.

There is so much to look forward to this year with a few much anticipated sequels (Top Gun - Maverick and Bad Boys for Life to name a few) and the obligatory Disney offerings Mulan, Onward, Jungle Cruise, 2020 is already looking to be a great year for film.

Considering I ended last year watching arguably the worst film of not only the year but the decade the first one of this year had to be a good one... I picked well!

The Gentlemen is the latest offering from Guy Ritchie.

What I love about his films is the way the stories are told with flashbacks and how all these seemingly random acts all come together and tie up in the end. His stories always take you on twists and turns and just when you think you've figured out what's happening he chucks in a curve ball and goes the other way. Although we've come to expect that from his films they never feel predictable.

The Gentlemen is not as bloody or violent as some of his other movies but that actually made this a lot more captivating. Without the bloodshed there was a lot more of a story to concentrate on. And its a great story.

Told from the point of view of Fletcher a corrupt Private Investigator turned journalist - played expertly by Hugh Grant in possibly the best role I've seen him in, less foppish Englishman more east end hard man - still hilarious, The Gentlemen centres around his investigation of Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) a big time marijuana dealer whose huge success is causing much jealousy to Fletchers employer big time newspaper editor (Eddie Marsan) after he was snubbed by him. Hearing that he's looking to sell his business and go straight Fletcher is hired to find out all about it.

After uncovering some secrets Fletcher goes to Ray (Charlie Hunnam) Pearsons right hand man to try and blackmail him by telling him what he knows.

But is what he thinks he has the real story? Or has it been orchestrated all along?

With a top notch cast including Colin Farrell in a role just as iconic as Brad Pitt in Snatch, Downton Abbeys Michelle Dockery in a much less gentry role and Henry Golding - and a script full of that perfect British humour we've come to expect from these movies this is sure to be one of the films of the year.

It has it all, violence, humour, corruption and a killer soundtrack too.

Highly Recommended, not a bad choice for the first film of the year!

Jodie Brough @jodievoicefm