#100moviesin2020 - Movie Number 3 - Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys For Life is the 3rd Instalment of the hit 90s buddy cop franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Taking place 25 years after the originals, Mike and Marcus are still working for Miami PD and are still living by their Bad Boys For Life mantra.

Now a Grandad Marcus wants to retire which is not going down well Mike.

However after Mike gets shot they team up for one last case to find out who the shooter is and whether its connected to some high profile murders.

It has all you would expect from an action movie and being a Jerry Bruckheimer production some great moody slo mo panning shots. It looks great. The action is great. The rest of it not so much.

The original movies had great stories and were funny. This one barely raised a titter from me - aside from a High School Musical reference aimed at co-star Vanessa Hudgens)

It feels rushed, generic and more like a TV special than a blockbuster movie. It ended with a tease that there may be another one though. I don't think we need that...

My first turkey of the year this one!