Bishopstoke Halloween lover arranges full day of covid safe FREE spooky fun!

Local resident Jolie Angel, loves Halloween. Really loves Halloween. Its a bigger deal in her year than Christmas. While she always goes big with it decorating her own house this year she has gone one step further and organised a whole days worth of festivities for her local community.

Within hours of the event being set up local businesses were getting involved and the interest in 'Spooky Saturday in Bishopstoke' is heightening every day.

We had a quick chat with Jolie to find out more about it!

What made you decide to put this spooky event on?

I decided to put this on as most of the Halloween events I would usually visit are cancelled. It started off by suggesting that my neighbours decorate houses with me but, it just grew and I've loved having a project and getting the community together.

What is it about Halloween that you love so much?

I've loved Halloween ever since I was a child and watched films such as Hocus Pocus and Casper. Since then I have been fortunate enough to visit the states and see how they do it, my obsession continues to grow.

Are you surprised by the reaction you've been getting?

Not surprised but more thrilled at the people wanting to get involved. We all deserve some fun and there are ways to safely do this. My village really got involved on VE day all from are front gardens and I took that experience as inspiration for this event.

Has it been challenging to organise with having to think more about social distancing?

Social distancing will always make things difficult. I will of course be making safety announcements especially in regards to trick or treating such as wear gloves, stay out the front at the suggested times so there is no knocking on doors and wrapped sweets only. Like every day in life we have to be alert and careful, this will be no different.

This is shaping up to be an incredible day of fun, houses locally will be joining in with decorating turning Bishopstoke into a giant Halloween trail, there's even a prize for the best decorated. There's pumpkin carving, a best dressed dog competition, spooky games and the all important Trick or Treating!

Find out more and see what else is in store on the Facebook Page below