#blackhistorymonth - Cocoa Girl: 'We made the first UK black girls' magazine'

October is Black History Month and we at Voice FM are proud to be supporting different artists daily and bringing you a bit of news and education as well.

This morning I was watching TV and a news story sparked my interest. In a sea of negative news and recurring information about the pandemic this little gem of a feature was a welcome change AND it fits nicely into Black History Month and championing people of colour who have or will be making a difference to the world.

Although not history right now, I feel that Serlina Boyd will be a name that comes up in the history books in years to come.

When Serlina was trying to find a suitable magazine for her 6-year old daughter Faith she was shocked to find that there was nothing amongst the 100s of children's publications aimed at her. No diversity in the magazines aimed at young girls. None of the models on the covers or in the pages looked like Faith. And none of them were telling her about her culture and her history.

This sparked the imagination of both and together they have created 'Cocoa Girl' the UKs first magazine aimed at black girls between the age of 6 and 14.

Launching this June, the magazine has already sold 11k copies, no mean feat in a time when sales of printed media are on the decline.

I have to say I was stunned myself that this is not something that is available and its incredible to see it being addressed and especially by a young woman!

You can find out more and order Cocoa below and do check out their social media.


Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cocoagirlmag/