Dick v Dom Review - Kings Theatre

I grew up watching Dick n Dom in Da Bungalow, I say grew up, we're the same age, but there was always something anarchic about them which made their legendary BAFTA award winning Saturday morning show perfect viewing for little kids as well as us hungover adults.

These 2 nutters have not been off the TV since the late 90's with spin offs from Da Bungalow in Diddy TV and have now branched out into a Diddy podcast as well. They've done musicals, are still very active as DJs on the University circuit and have even written some very silly books. Last year they curated their own family festival Great Wonderfest to great success and are gearing up for its return next summer.

Is there anything these guys can't do?

I was so excited when I saw this show was coming.

I had no idea what to expect though, I knew it was some sort of family gameshow pitting the guys against each other and getting the audience involved but I had no idea how it would work.

Although there was no mass game of Bogies - although it was mentioned and the older ones in the audience did mutter it repeatedly throughout the evening as the alcohol flowed - this was probably one of the best nights out I've had all year!!

Dick and Dom have funny bones. They're just natural comedians. They're incredible at using phrases that can be taken in a million different ways with the kids and parents laughing at the same things for 2 VERY different reasons.

The premise of the show is a game show. With rounds involving the Dads - who had to make a smoothie with boxing gloves on and then drink it, the Mums who had to punch themselves out of a big paper bag and then a game of musical splatues with kids and students - one of the games that was played in the Bungalow.

Its a fast paced, loud and VERY silly show.

They're a very high NRG duo.

It was a very mixed audience and every single one of them was having so much fun in this show. Even the stewards were laughing.

There was friendly competition between Dick and Dom and the addition of Barney Harwood as a referee for the games was a nice surprise and another nod to the nostalgia of it all. They were enjoying it as much as we were I think!

I've heard murmurings of another tour of this for next year and I'm hoping thats true, this is a fantastic family show and one not to be missed!

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