Ebony Rockers: Southampton Reggae Band-Honoured with City Centre Mural

Ebony Rockers: Southampton Reggae Band-Honoured with City Centre Mural

Unveiling-Saturday March 12th Above Bar/Ogle Rd: Noon

A public unveiling of the work will take place at 12pm on Saturday 12th March at Ogle Road, Above Bar Southampton

In 1979 Ebony Rockers burst onto the South's music scene - bringing reggae out of the heart of inner-city Southampton. The late 70s and early 80s were politically and socially vibrant times for African-Caribbean youth across the country and it was against this background that eight teenagers from around the Newtown and Nicholson areas of Southampton began playing music - inspired by the reggae artists of the day and reflecting their own lives, conditions, and aspirations. The original members, in their late teens when they got together, consisted of - Duncan Carberry, George David, Ivan Dellimore, David Ellis (Eggy), Versell Gordon (Scratch), Rose Jones Bing Lewis and Neville Virgin - all living in the city's close-knit African-Caribbean community.

The band were very successful right across the South and their legacy has been wide reaching. This includes influencing contemporary talent such as Craig David and rapper Tyrone Gordon who has recently signed to Sony’s label Relentless.

Speakers will include Don John, Clare Whittaker (Soco2025 Bid Director) and Rapper Tyrone Gordon

Don John, Race & Diversity Consultant states: “Ebony Rockers were an inspiration to local people in inner-city Southampton and gave the local Black communities something they could be proud of that reflected their culture”