English National Ballet - Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella - Mayflower Review

There’s only one word to describe Christopher Wheeldon’s ‘Cinderella’, and that is... amazing!

With a culturally diverse cast with over 40 dancers, the performance was perfectly executed by every single dancer on stage, whilst wearing the most beautiful, colourful costumes created by Julian Crouch.

The female dancers were graceful and elegant, whilst the male dancers were strong and powerful Cinderella played by Emma Hawes was unimaginably strong and technically perfect throughout the whole show, portraying a variety of emotions from sadness, happiness, excitement and love, which told the story of ‘Cinderella’ amazingly.

Cinderella had support from ‘The Fates’, who were her imaginary dancers, helped her clean and create spectacular, grand lifts. Fernanda Oliveira and Shiori Kase, who played the hilarious ugly step sister duo maintained technique, whilst portraying clumsy and funny characters. Sarah Kundi, who played Hortensia the evil stepmother owned the stage during Act 2 with her intoxicated solo, stumbling around with beautiful pirouettes and staying on points throughout the entirety.

Everyone knows the story of ‘Cinderella’, so when it came to the live orchestra, Gavin Sutherland did an amazing job of leading the story, keeping a steady pace avoiding the audience from getting bored.

Throughout the show there was recognisable music from Matthew Bourne’s ‘Cinderella’ from 2017.

This beautifully executed show is highly recommended, for the whole family. Many children in the audience adored the incredible dancers on stage portray the story of ‘Cinderella’, whilst also pleasing the older generation in the audience.

Christopher Wheeldon’s amazing choreography portrayed the classic story of ‘Cinderella’ exceptionally, creating laughs and tears across the audience.

Beth Nicholls