Friendsical Review - Nuffield Theatre

With something as beloved as Friends I'm actually surprised that a musical about it hadn't happened sooner.

It's hard to believe that the show actually finished its 10 year run 15 YEARS AGO! But it made all the cast household names and its hard to imagine a world without it now.

I had my misgivings about this show, I won't lie. I grew up with Friends, I still watch it on a daily basis -albeit in the background when I'm working - and no matter how many times I see that final episode I still find myself wiping away a tear.

This show could go 2 ways. It could be absolute genius or just a badly written way to cash in on the bankable franchise.

Thankfully it was the latter.

Although not the most polished of shows with the staging - you could see and hear the set being moved between scenes - it couldn't have been any more perfect (except maybe if Fat Monica had made an appearance)

It's completely ridiculous of course, it is a parody after all and if you're not a fan of Friends - although quite frankly who isn't - then some of the references might be lost on you.

It follows the gang through the whole 10 series and 236 episodes of the show - totally out of sequence - 2 hours.

Although the time line was out of sync - something the cast break the 4th wall and remind us of throughout - it works, and it makes sense. Well as much sense as you would expect from a parody.

The songs in this are hilarious. 'Richards Moustache' being every bit as wonderful as I wanted it to be, topped off with an appearance of 'Richard' with said moustache in full Magnum PI gear.

The cast were exceptional in this. 'Ross' (Jamie Lee Morgan) had the mannerisms down to a tee - although very over exaggerated and almost T-Rex like with his hands which I guess is a nod to him being a dinosaur guy which he sings beautifully about in 'Geology Rocks'.

'Chandler' though was the stand out star for me. He does have some of the best lines in the series and just looking at him would make me laugh. Thomas Mitchells is the perfect man for the role, It was like I was looking at Matthew Perry on that stage. Even in the background of the scene he was stealing the show by staying completely in character down to facial expressions and everything, he literally made me howl with laughter.

This is a show derived from a love for this show and its clear creator Miranda Larson is a HUGE fan (number one fan according to the internet), so many of the millions of catchphrases you know and some you realise you know that you didn't know are in there.

Iconic moments like Ross' tan, being on a break, Naked Thursdays and of course Janice are all in there. The flashback to the Prom with Rachels 'real' nose and Phoebe having the triplets.

It was a really trip down memory lane and an absolute joy to watch.

Its one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I laughed until I cried from start to finish and was still laughing in the car on the way home.

Its an absolute must see for any Friends fan, do NOT miss it!

Friendsical is at Nuffield Theatre (Campus) Until 26th October you can still get tickets here