Fry-Up Crew back for one off reunion show

Host of Saturday Breakfast, Matt Clewes will be hosting a very special reunion show for former Voice FM co-hosts Chris Milligan, Fred Blagden and David George.

The four piece used to host the Big Breakfast Fry-Up on Voice FM and amassed over 100 shows in their time with the station.

The upcoming reunion will feature some of the listener favourites such as ‘Know Your Intros’ and ‘Daily Record’ as well as some of the regular features of Saturday Breakfast such as ‘Three Clues for Clewes’.

The reunion has been a long time coming with the group having split in 2015 to focus on solo projects, there was a brief reunion between the trio of Matt Clewes, Chris Milligan and David George as they performed as a group, ‘Missing Fred’ at a charity event last year in Southampton.

With excitement Fred Blagden said “this reunion is something we have been thinking about doing for some time and we all remember the fun we used to have on Voice so it’s great to be coming back for one show and being able to do it all again one last time.”

Regular host Matt Clewes was quick to add “hosting with the boys is always a treat it’s crazy to think it’s been over two years since we did our last show together. I’m glad that my current relationship with the Voice family means we can put this special show together.”

Tune into this special one off show on Saturday 17th August.