#gigreview - Becky Hill - The 1865

After 10 years since her first appearance on The Voice, Becky Hill has finally released her debut album.

There is a great turnout for her and huge cheers as she arrives on stage.

Kicking the set off with my personal favourite ‘False Alarm’ her vocals really are something else. She continues by telling everyone she hadn’t actually gotten to bed until 8am this morning as she’s had such a great weekend at Reading festival.

Singing her way through her hits Wish You Well, Heaven On My Mind, Last Time and Better Off Without You with the accompaniment of her pianist and 2 backing singers, the sound in the venue is crystal clear and vocals really on point considering she’s had a very busy festival weekend.

She then treats us to a rare ballad ‘Perfect People’ from the new album ‘Only Honest on the Weekend’ where everyone was really listening to every word. She then gave us a little test of the lyrics to her newly released single ‘My Heart Goes (La Di Da)’ and loves the fact everyone in the audience is singing it back even though it has been out less than a week.

Ending the set with the current smash hit ‘Remember’ the huge collaboration with legend David Guetta where everyone was really joining in singing this one.

You can really tell how much this album means to hear as she thanks us so much for turning up as she had dreamt no one was going to show up. I really do hope this is the start of many more albums from this talented singer/songwriter and hopefully album number 2 will not take as long as 10 years like it has for this first one.

Words - Dean Huelin