#homefest2 - Artist Profile - Dan Eagle

Daniel Eagle - Singer/Songwriter originally from the South of Hampshire Daniel tours and plays many shows round the UK.

Gigs, Festivals, Weddings, House Shows you name it he will try and do it.

Music Style is compared to a Male version of the likes of Lucy Spraggan, Kate Nash and Lilly Allen.

Daniel’s writing and inspiration comes from everyday life and the people around him. New Single 'Money Mourning' is out now, you can check out the video below.

Daniel has supported many artists such as - Nizlopi, Jaws, KRS One, Say We Can Fly, Mc Devvo, Nathan Grisdale, Sam Duckworth aka Recreations, Kassassin Street, Sam Brookes and many more.

Daniel will be opening #homefest2 at 12:10pm. All live on our Facebook Page

Daniel Eagle Facebook