#homefest2021 - Artist Profile - Mauvey

Mauvey has some of the most polished tracks I’ve heard from a small artist. His beats are crisp and you can just feel the energy. Mauvey says he writes music to spread love and you can tell from the sense of joy that always comes through. Born in Ghana, before moving to the U.K. and Vancouver, he has had influences and experiences from a myriad of places resulting in a distinct, individual voice. The genre of his music is hard to pin down, sounding like a blend of Hip-Hop, RnB, Soul and Pop. He consistently is given amazing reviews, with Notion Magazine saying “The singer-rapper-songwriter is a breath of fresh air with his unforgettable authenticity projected in his music.” Obviously, not all great artists receive great press, but it’s clear to see why Mauvey does. Mauvey’s sound is unique in so many ways and manages to add something new to the scene as a whole, which isn’t surprising given he said "I am inspired by artists who made contributions so significant that they or their music will never be forgotten”. He is a force to be reckoned with in the music world, and we are excited to have him joining homefest.