#homefest2021 - Artist Profile - Myriad

Pop Rock feels alive when it’s local. The four members of MYRIAD clearly know this and have caught waves with their amazing mix of great indie music and brilliant energy. There’s something about upcoming bands that makes them feel unique and new, that fresh sound everyone is looking for.

With nostalgic pop hooks and a dash of sentimentality that makes the music come alive; it’s no surprise to learn that the group have run two sell-out shows. Their new single, “I Walk”, was highlighted on Voice FM as a homegrown hit, and has since gone on to be loved by Indie Central Music, Godisinthetvzine, Left Bank Magazine, and many more who all gave it astounding reviews. The track has that perfect blend of entrancing hooks and raw emotion that keeps you dazed until the end.

Myriad has a classic story about how they formed, starting in music class and known only as “Band D”. Their roots stem from playing covers of songs from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Biffy Clyro.

“Afterglow”, their most recent track, covers the pressures we all face from social media, the issues that arise around body image and appearance. The song masterfully manages to discuss how everyone has flaws and that no one should worry about how they look.

Here at voice FM, we are so excited to announce that they are part of our lineup for #homefest and we look forward to showing you the music of MYRIAD soon.

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Words: Sera Wright