#homefest2021 - Artist Profile - Nia Nicholls

Nia Nicholls found herself becoming a signed artist with a blossoming career, in the middle of lockdown. She started a while ago, however, as a college student in Wiltshire. Writing songs from the age of 7, she began performing to the public by the time she was ten. From there her musical roots kept developing, visiting Nashville when she was 13, a place to which she has returned every year.

Being signed in lockdown has been different, she said, as touring isn’t an option, “However, I am going to be recording new music and also learning about marketing, publishing deals and social media. I’m going to work as hard as I can because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

For her music itself, there’s this lovely blend of a Country style and some subtle British Mannerisms. Waste my Time, a newer release from her is particularly strong with some amazing vocals that lock into the groove really well. Her most recent song, Cali Beaches, is a shakeup of her normal sound, inspired by classic American pop-rock. With a good mixture of releases, she is a great artist with some evident talent.

Here at voice FM, we love supporting local artists, and as such are happy to have Nia Nicholls join us for #Homefest.

Words. Sera Wright.