#homefest2021 - Artist Profile - Sarpa Salpa

Sarpa Salpa feel like any of the Big Indie Bands: Tame Impala, Foals or Friendly Fires, but if they were tailored to exploring life in your early 20s. This group from Northampton puts out danceable rhythmic tracks that have loads of depth below the surface.

The five-member outfit is a machine of sound and good vibes, able to nail the indie-pop style that we all love. Their new hit “Another life” manages to toe the line between groove-heavy breaks and melancholy vocals in a way only indie music can. It has all the impact of a ballad, without any of the dreariness.

There’s something to be said for the chunky basslines and hard-hitting kick on most of their tracks, that lovely soundworld making everything feel so strong and real. If another band could sound more authentically Indie I would honestly be surprised. The influences really do shine through, and you can tell just how much they have taken from the greatest musicians in the genre. This is not at all a criticism, as they are already at the top of their game because of it, putting out tracks that sound just as brilliant.

For a local band, this lot have so much polish, and Voice FM are incredibly proud to have them as part of the lineup for #homefest.

Check out Sarpa Salpa's performance of 'Stick To What You Know' from last years Give a Gift Southampton

Words : Sera Wright