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Anna Foye has been a passionate songwriter from a young age. As early as primary school, she remembers having "a songwriting book that I would carry around with me at school". While friends were out at parties, 12-year-old Anna would be belting out acoustic ballads to a field, a few supporters and an occasional scarecrow. These fields soon formed into quiet pubs: bodies soon filled the previously quiet establishments. Then the crowds flowed to local festivals as Anna took her music back to the fields.

Last year saw Anna release her debut single as Anna Foye. We got introduced to 'Human', a soulful lament of political frustration, birthed from a desire for love and unity. 'Between The Lines' followed shortly after.

After an infuriating experience doing a DBS check, which turned out to be the tip of the iceberg: 'Between The Lines' expresses the discomfort of passing into adulthood and the seeming loss of childlikeness. Speaking of the experience, Anna shares: "I was fighting the transition of wanting to still be a child, but also wanting to be independent." The song is not just Voice FM's Homegrown Hit but has also been picked up by BBC Introducing.

Anna Foye lives out her mantra of being a 'renaissance girl'. Not limiting herself to the early box of 'ballad soul songwriter', she continues to push boundaries and shrug off limitations: continuing to express raw, authentic emotion through her songs. Followers of Anna Foye will undeniably be kept on their toes as Anna defines her sound as simply, "expect the unexpected".

Anna bares herself, filling her songs with deep feelings and emotions. But she recognises and encourages listeners to be free to express whatever her music rouses. "It might make you want to dance, might make you want to cry. It might make you want to slap someone, it might make you want to dismantle the patriarchy".

[Disclaimer: Anna Foye is not held responsible for any slaps delivered as a response to her music]

With plans for 'world domination', 2021 looks to be a fairly busy year for Anna Foye. The promise of loads of new music coming out will certainly add followers to her ranks. And with live gigs hopefully making a return, Anna will be targetting quirky independent establishments around Hampshire to recruit further.

I, for one, look forward to the future rule of Anna Foye. The world is deeply in need of unapologetically authentic artists; whose expression of deep emotion permits us to do likewise, individuals who freely express their truth, though painful and costly at times. And if collaborations with Christine and The Queens are part of the new world order, then all the better.

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Words Ryan Galpin