#homegrownhit - Bash!

Southampton's genuine pop band Bash! are back with a bang. After spending some time away due to "being robots and our hard drives being fried", Bash! have waltz out from their robotic reset with lemonade in hand and a freshly-squeezed single: 'Favourite Things'. The punchy popping track is the bands first release since signing with a record label shortly after finishing uni last year.

The five-piece band of heroes first met when they all embarked on a Popular Music and Production course at Solent University. Destiny drew them together as our intrepid heroes united around a shared love of music to form what we now know as Bash!. The early years involved writing, rehearsing and enjoying the Paramore album 'After Laughter'.

In 2019, when dissertation deadlines were looming, that Latvian Legend and lead singer Amanda brought the first pieces of 'Favourite Things' to the table. The lines 'sipping down my feelings with a lemonade' and 'cleaning out my baggage from your bolognese' became the beginnings of the bubbly electro-pop number. The origin story behind the dinner based lyric came from a Russian saying: 'hanging noodles on someone's ear'; which means lying to someone. The creative jump from noodles (spaghetti) to bolognese shows the rich depth of lyricism that's evident throughout this fizzing musical feast.

'Favourite Things' has been kept safely stashed in the biscuit barrel while Bash! recharged. With much of the band cohabiting during their sabbatical, it has allowed them to continue to write, rehearse and hone their crisp pop sound. The result has allowed Bash! to stock up on tasty tunes to help meet the cravings resulting from regular plays of 'Favourite Things'. Those already experiencing such cravings will be pleased to know that 'Lovely, Smart and Beautiful' will be making an appearance on 30th April.

Bash! themselves are set to return to the live stage on 21st June. They will be popping up at Heartbreakers in Southampton with 'Favourite Things', along with plenty of other sweet treats to delight those in attendance. With the sweet sensation of 'Favourite Things' to whet the appetite of music lovers and the promise of more to come, Bash! will fast become one of listeners favourite things. So, as the band like to say, you'd better "keep your apples peeled" because this ensemble of heroes are a gift that keeps on giving.

Check out the music video below

Words: Ryan Galpin