#homegrownhit - Beth Brookfield

Incredible, inconceivable, indescribable.

Experiences are sometimes so extraordinary that words are unable to convey them. Christening these moments as 'wonderful' or 'amazing' do little to touch the depths of these encounters. It is in these times when we turn to music, poetry and art. They help us express what words can only begin to touch. Beth Brookfield's latest single gives voice to this very experience.

"No Words To Describe" draws from Beth's own journey and relationship. It shares how certain relationships and friendships are so profound and impactful that you are at a loss for words to describe them. As Beth says: "there are no words to describe how much they mean to you or the way they make you feel".

Hailing from the Isle of Wight, Beth had a passion for music from a young age. "I always remember singing when I was really young", Beth recalls. She soon started to pick up instruments, teaching herself Ukulele at seven and then moving on to learn guitar and piano. Her love of songwriting was evident even at an early age: "I would make lyrics up and just sings songs". At thirteen, she decided to put pen to paper and intentionally start songwriting.

Unfortunately, last years lockdown meant that Beth couldn't take up the invitation to play at the Isle Of Wight Festival. But she made the most of the time available. It gave her a chance to "think about direction" as well as occasions "to work with people I would never have worked with before". The year also produced her debut single 'The Journey', which featured on BBC Radio Solent and in America.

When asked to describe her sound, Beth says she aims for "a blend of indie-pop with heavy country influence": "slide guitar and moving lyrics". Being quite early in her music career, she is aware that she is still unearthing her sound. This is a journey she is looking forward to going on; "I'm really looking forward to my music progressing and changing".

With festivals booked and fingers crossed, the coming year holds a lot for Brookfield. Starting university along with writing and producing her third single means 2021 is already stacking up to be an active and fruitful one. A dream collaboration with Harry Styles or Blossoms is surely not completely off the cards.

Listeners of "No Words To Describe" will certainly not be lost for words as they are enchanted by Beth's captivating vocals and catchy guitar hooks. Her blend of music is a breath of fresh air. It is no surprise that Music and Tour News stated that she is "ready to become the UK's newest star."

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Words: - Ryan Galpin