#homegrownhit - Kacey Couzens

It's not every day that you come home to find your painter-decorator laying down lyrics instead of second coats. Paintbrushes and rollers aren't ordinarily what you would associate with rappers and grime artists. But Kasey Couzens is bucking the trend as he collaborates his everyday life into his blossoming music career.

The Voice FM Awards winner for Best Male in 2020 is back with a sensational new track 'The Come Up', a track that Kasey himself aptly describes as being "my come up". It marks the culmination of a journey that Kasey started after the release of his first album, 'Mockumentary'.

The final track on the album, also entitled 'Mockumentary', received incredible feedback. Kasey admits the song was literally just "me talking about my life when I lived on the estates in Southampton". The authenticity of the track seemed to resonate with people. Resulting in Kacey continuing to lean into bringing more of himself into his music. Commenting about his early days, he answers: "I always wanted to look like the cool guy; I tried doing that in my early videos. But you realise that being your authentic self resonates with people."

From a very musical family, Kacey was around music from an early age. He would often join his DJ grandad as his roadie and got to witness firsthand the enjoyment people experienced from music. He started to become engrossed in the grime scene and professes to be influenced by artists like Ghetts, Wiley and Wretch 32. Now, Kasey's enjoying his country music. He's a fan of Jonny Cash and currently has Jelly Roll as his go-to artist and dream collaboration.

'The Come Up' also marks the start of 'KC' becoming 'Kasey Couzens'. The rebrand, while also being practical, signifies the newfound individuality. It unites the everyday Kasey Couzens with his music rather than hiding it. Emulsion & poetry together at last or, as Kasey puts it: "This is my lane - talk your truth."

'The Come Up' is just the tip of the iceberg for fans of Kasey Couzens. Since the release of 'Mockumentary', he has been constantly in the studio laying down tracks and crafting his trade. "There are a lot of songs that aren't going to make it", he shares, "we're sieving through them and picking the best ones". With Kasey describing himself as being in "the best place I've ever been", and with plenty of new music still to come; the skies the limit for this everyday artist set to decorate 2021 with his authentic sound.

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Words - Ryan Galpin