#homegrownhit - Myriad

Myriad are well and truly living up to their name with another tasty toe-tapping track to add to their pool of Indie Pop productions. Their latest contribution, 'Cascades,' follows on from the success of 'Afterglow' and continues the bands upward trajectory.

The song marks a new season for this fearsome-foursome as they look to broaden their repertoire with new sounds and styles. 'Cascades' marks the first of a trio of releases that promises to diversify and enrich the bands already stellar catalogue. Leadman David accounts for some of the dynamic shift, sharing that the song has "more crunchy clean guitar on my part". The result produces a Two Door Cinema Club vibe still dripping with Myriads authentic high energy indie pop groove.

'Cascades' also signifies a more collaborative creative process for the band as a whole. Gone are the days when David would "write all the bits on Ableton": "now, we sit together and bounce ideas off each other." 'Cascades' is a perfect example of this new communal production with the verses written with previous drummer August, the bridge by Jared (bass) and the chorus finished off by David while "sitting on Southampton Common". The resulting concoction connects heartfelt lyrics of the experiences of the day-to-day life of gen-z adults with catchy, memorable lines that require surgically removing from one's head.

Despite the release of highly acclaimed 'Afterglow' and 'I Walk', David is very honest about the group's difficulties during lockdown. "It was a really tough time for us as a band," he shares with the band unable to perform, practice or even prepare press releases. So the team turned their attention to connecting with their fans and seemed to find a home on TikTok. The season, as David tells was about "connecting with fans on live streams and finding new ones on TikTok". With multiple videos with viewership in the millions, Myriad's fan base soon grew, along with the post-pandemic plans.

Now 'Cascades' is finally realised, and finding success already with plays on BBC Music Introducing Solent, the band can focus on getting back on stage, where they are truly in their element. The next two releases will unquestionably add to Myriad already being a must-see live experience for all fans of Indie pop-rock.

Their honesty about their struggles over lockdown shows that the group are authentic through and through. It comes through in their music and lyrics, as well as through the band themselves. They are a group of mates that love spending time together and creating music. Their fun, creative energy exudes through their music and performances, creating a melting pot for some truly magical music memories.

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Words Ryan Galpin