International Social Prescribing Day

International Social Prescribing Day is here!

International Social Prescribing Day takes place on Thursday 18th March and

a newly formed team of Social Prescribing Link Workers covering St Marys, Mulberry, Alma Roadand Solent surgeries will be joining the celebrations and saying thank you to all the community organisations that leaptinto action to provide a range of services that helped people to feel less alone and maintain the health of our communities throughout the pandemic.

The Social Prescribing movement has been growing over the recent years but the term ‘Social Prescribing’ is one that many have not heard of before.

Put simply, a Social Prescribing Link Worker is usually based in a GP Surgery, health centre or community organisation and seeks to address a person’s needs in a holistic way and connect them with non-medical support such as day centres, charities or community groups in the community to improve their wellbeing and tackle social isolation.

A social prescription empowers people with social, emotional or practical needs to find solutions which will improve their health and wellbeing, often using services provided by the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.

International Social Prescribing Day aims to ensure Social Prescribing continues to grow as a grassroots movement.

During the pandemic communities came together to support those most in need to enable them to stay active and connected during the pandemic.

It is for this reason that the 2021 international #SocialPrescribingDay will aim to celebrate the thousands of projects set up to maintain the health of our communities during the COVID19 pandemic.

Join in on the 18th of March 2021 on social media to share stories and let the world know how social prescribing has kept peopleconnected, healthy, and engaged during a global crisis