Introducing - DAPHNEY

Southampton four-piece Daphney's music is the sound of beautiful indie-pop played through dusty, blown-out speakers. Whilst most of their contemporaries are travelling down the generic alternative rock road, Daphney have decided to take a scenic diversion, which has led to a sound with a great deal of classic and 60's surf rock influence


As I write this and listen to Daphney's music, the weather outside is unpleasant and rainy. It is strikingly different from the weeks of sunshine which has perfectly suited the easy-going, warm and often gentle sound of this band. 

Regarding the band's sound, lead singer Max Tomasoski told me that his "influences come from being brought up around a lot of good, classic music like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. I learnt pretty early on what it meant to make honest and direct music that wasn't too flashy or took itself too seriously. We just wanted to have a good time. The biggest inspiration for me now is the wave of young musicians that are creating this guitar-centered indie music that is very retrospective and reminiscent of older music. I'm so uninterested in a lot of modern pop music and so it was definitely the aim to make music that's looking backwards instead forwards." 

The Daphney Demos EP is packed with textured guitar chords and subtle-yet-infectious melodies that sound like they composed solely to accompany a montage in a Wes Anderson film. Whilst there's something very special about the band's raw and homemade demos, following this band's development will no doubt produce even greater music. I will be following their progress and I implore you to do the same!

You can listen to Daphney via Bandcamp at

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