On their debut single, the Surrey duo Deja Blu - playlisted by ITV on This Morning - deliver a captivating and unique slice of dream-pop with hints of shoegaze. 

Deja Blu (Jasmine Reed and Benji O'Dell) are most easily bracketed under the chillwave umbrella, but their tracks don't adhere to the genre's typical over-reliance on nostalgia. Instead, Deja Blu favour modern sonic textures, swinging lo-fi hip-hop beats, and intricate 4/4 rhythms. On Lake Song, they layer tender arpeggiated synths and ethereal vocal melodies until the song's midway point, where they introduce a slightly funky guitar loop that plays like an emotional release of soul-filled expression. The result channels the spirit of trip-hop pioneers like Portishead and Morcheeba.

"We have developed our sound over time," Jasmine Reed told Voice FM. "Taking inspiration from a variety of artists and producers. When we started making music, Benji showed me a lot of new music by artists like Slowdive and Beach House. Ultimately, I think that inspired us a lot to make dreamy and atmospheric pop music."

As for the inspiration of their debut single, Reed revealed: "We were on holiday in the Lake District... We went on this late afternoon walk, the sun was setting and Benji just said to me: 'the sky screams orange and blue.' I instantly thought that would be such a brilliant lyric in a song. So, we then just decided to start writing all these lyrics down during the walk - inspired by the Lake District."

Capturing the intrinsic nature and unique quality of their surroundings, Deja Blu's music has garnered a lot of attention since their emergence back in 2018. Since then, they have put out two singles full of the budding potential that titles like Baby Steps (their second single) would suggest. Odds are you’ll be hearing a lot more of Deja Blu in the future...

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