Introducing - Emilia Tarrant

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

From signing a deal with Big Hug Management, to accumulating over 64,000 streams on Spotify, Emilia Tarrant is an upcoming force in the popular music scene. 

Her debut single, If You Want Love, is a beautiful piano-led cover of American hip-hop artist NF’s 2017 hit. The single recently featured on the soundtrack of ITV's Love Island, and with a growing fanbase behind her, Emilia Tarrant has more music planned for release this year. With this in mind, the singer-songwriter has been working with Danton Supple - former producer for Coldplay - and he has polished Emilia Tarrant's already amazing vocals up to a professional standard, more fitting for commercial radio.

The vocals on If You Want Love are heartbreak-laden, with Tarrant using the raw side of her voice to capture the true madness that comes from love; although a beautiful feeling, it can sometimes feel a lot uglier. "If you want love, you are gonna have to go through the pain / If you want love, you are gonna have to learn how to change," Tarrant hauntingly repeats, during the chorus. Her vocal performance is emotive and captivating; Tarrant's voice washes over you, in a manner that could not be better. 

"I decided to cover If You Want Love after connecting and having such an emotional response to the lyrics," Tarrant told Voice FM. "As heard through my own songwriting, I think and feel emotions deeply, and this beautiful song hit me hard from the first listen - I just had to play it myself!"

With the release of If You Want Love, Emilia Tarrant announced, loudly and defiantly, that she is an extraordinary vocal talent and certainly one-to-watch. You can catch her performance at Notting Hill Arts Club in London on 17th September, and having seen her live (at Victorious Festival) myself, I recommend you do! 

Tickets for her show at Notting Hill Arts Club can be found at

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