For me, listening to Ominous by Somaphore last year was like discovering electronica for the first time: a reminder of exactly why I was so captivated by the genre, and how what to some might seem to be just repetitive is an immersive experience to others. Listening to Somaphore, of course, is the latter...

The Bristol-based producer's earlier output often channeled the brisk, summery, and inarguably fun elements of moombahton (a hybrid of reggaeton and Dutch house). But artists can surprise you: Ominous turns out to be pitched between heart-pumping techno and ambient bliss. However, like the rest of Somaphore's music, it is captivating, and when the track ends - with the same beautiful pianos upon which the track started - you'll want to listen to it all over again.

In an interview with myself earlier in the year, Somaphore said of the track, "I love producing electronic music which gives a sense of an abstract narrative and a journey through different feels and phases, and I composed Ominous to be open to listeners thoughts, stories and ideas. The premise is to gradually evolve into an atmosphere that is more energetic and sometimes chaotic, starting from a natural, real-world setting. The track blurs the boundaries between sounds that are perceived to be ethereal and ambient or energetic and dirty, and in which context they belong, often by bleeding into or occurring in parallel to each other."

With those words, Somaphore positions himself as one of the most promising electronic-music producers around and invokes the approach of ambient master Brian Eno.

Ominous is a must for your music collection. You can download the track via Beatport at

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