Lockdown Entertainment - Podcasts

Photo by Juju Han

There's only so much Netflix and Disney+ you can watch before it gets a bit tedious so we've all been discussing the best Podcasts to keep you entertained and make you laugh while you're doing your daily exercise or a bit of cleaning!

Dani's Suggestions:

The Guilty Feminist I have been a fan of this podcast for a long time! It is hosted by the incredible Debra Francis-White in front of a live audience. It features a lot of stand-up comedy and guests discuss feminist topics of the 21st century. But, for me what makes it so unique if that in every episode, the host and guests share their confessions around stuff that, in theory, would make them bad feminists. An example: “I am a feminist but sometimes I think the patriarchy does look very comfortable” our “I am a feminist but I do watch Love Island and I love it”. A way to dump the guilt and laugh of it at the same time. Honourable mention: Debra’s rant on why the show ‘Say Yes to Dress’ is in fact a feminist show (in episode 133 on Reality Television)

During these unprecedented times, the show is still going with daily podcasts featuring amazing guests such as Aisling Bea, Tom Allen and Catherine Bohart – where they discuss their ‘new normal’ and how there are different ways to deal with all the uncertainty in our lives right now… and it is still hilarious!

All Killa No Filla - If you love crime documentaries, you need to check this one! Hosted by comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, in this podcast they explore they shared passion… serial killers! Each episode they discuss and analyse a specific serial killer and, without being disrespectful towards the victims at all, they manage to make it both informative and hilarious. Honourable mention: the 3-part episode on Fred and Rose West.

RuPaul - Whats the tee? - There is no question in my mind that my favourite show in the whole world is RuPaul’s Drag Race! And I just love that this podcast gives every week a little extra dose of this fabulous show! Hosted by Ru Paul himself and his best friend (and fellow Drag Race judge) Michelle Visage, this podcast features appearances from all of my favourite drag queens and all the amazing guest judges from the show – this includes Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. There are no limits to what is discussed and no taboos what-so-ever. Honest conversations about pretty much everything are guaranteed and a lot of backstage stories from the celebrity world. Honourable mention: Episode 225 with Alan Carr and Graham Norton

Ed's Suggestions:

Stuff They Don't Want You To KNow - The reason I like "Stuff they don't want you to know" is because it adds a sense of mystery to the world. A lot of the hypothetical situations that they talk about, the conspiracies, and the rest are usually backed up with history or close to historical events. I don't believe in all of it, but it still makes for really interesting listening

Freakonomics - Freakonomics discusses a lot of really valuable business-related things that I think a lot of people overlook because of the word "economics". It seems a bit boring by the title or similar but the reality is that they've released tonnes of content regarding previous economic events, businesses blunders and successes, as well as reasons behind certain things which may bug people. Such as email scams etc.

The Joe Rogan Podcast - Joe Rogan is probably my favourite host in terms of podcasting. He's a really good example of how a host should be, how they should listen and only interject when the question they have opens up the narrative more. He always tries to empathise with the interviewee, which allows the interviewee to open up themselves. Where a lot of presenters sorta go on the attack, Joe sorta doesn't. He just allows people to speak. It's nice and the guests are always interesting and have good opinions. Some which have really stuck with me and changed the way I live. There's also thousands of hours of content, which is always a plus.

Jocko Willink, well he's an interesting guy. He's an ex-Navy SEAL for the US Military and often talks about discipline and how he would react in certain situations. We're not all military people, but hearing how one confronts confrontation and reacts to it is amazing. Even down to the smaller details, such as how he raises his kids or lives with life after the army. His anecdotes and philosophy for life are extreme but amazing to listen to. That and he doesn't come across like one of the typical guys you see in the movies who shout a lot, make a big ol' show or whatever. Jocko is calm, collected, and always to the point.

Dannys Suggestions:

Evil Genius - I've been listening to the Evil Genius pod cast on BBC sounds with Russell Kane. Each one they look at a famous perosn and debate if they were evil or a genius. Enid Blyton, Bernard Manning, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, Margaret Thatcher and Whitney Houston are just a few of the celebrities they discuss. Comedians get random facts about the celebrity in question and then discuss with a vote at the end. You learn so much about the person they discuss and people you often think are evil may not be as bad as you originally thought. It's funny, Thought provoking and very entertaining.

Jodies Suggestions

Happy Mum Happy Baby - Following on from the best selling book of the same name this is Giovanna Fletchers wonderfully hilarious podcast about parenting. She famously had The Duchess of Cambridge as a guest recently talking candidly about being a mum. It's a great podcast, really funny and eye-opening. Gi has a way with words and makes you feel like you're there with her having a gossip!

Adam Hattan - Ever After and Beyond - My favourite Disney Vlogger Adam has expanded into a weekly magical podcast talking all things Disney. If you're missing the Disney Magic then this is the podcast for you. Recalling some of his magical moments as a Disney Cast member and tips on planning with special guests and listener questions and stories.

Daily Popcast - Not only is this presented by one of my favourite boybanders - and I love a boyband - this has quite possibly the best intro ever! Its a pop news podcast, lifestyle and reality TV. He talks to his friends - there's a lot of NSync interviews and anecdotes and I just love it. He's candid and funny.

The West End Frame Show - I LOVE musical theatre and listen to quite a few different ones but this is my favourite. Full of big personalities - what more would you expect from theatre people - with a different co-host every episode. This is the go to for theatre reviews, news and gossip! There's also an extension show with full candid interviews as well called In The Frame.

Let us know your favourites, all the ones above can be found on Spotify.