MEET THE TEAM - Chelsie - Creative Content

Over the coming weeks and months as we start adding new programmes to our output we are going to be running a series of blog posts introducing our volunteers and letting you know what its like to be involved here at Voice FM and all the different exciting roles you can have here.

This week we start with the wonderful Chelsie... Find out more about her below..

Hello im Chelsie, 

I'm 21 years young and I'm currently in my third year of media production at Southampton Solent University. I have a very creative spirit and love all kinds of media. In my three years of media production I have been able to explore many different creative sectors like video editing, immersive technology within app design, illustration, advertising, social media, marketing and most importantly radio. Radio has a big significance to me because I feel like it's a way of getting my message heard, my whole life I have had the changes facing being a wheelchair user living with cerebral palsy isnt easy but I feel like my achievements override the disability itself. This brings me to voice fm and this is by far my biggest achievement.

There are several things that I feel l can bring to voice fm, I'm really good at working collaboratively aside from this I feel that I can apply my learnt skills to the workplace.

My biggest goal with voice is to produce my own community friendly show and to set a diverse and inclusive tone of voice portrayed through my show, its focus primarily being set around disability and inclusion within a radio style Focusing on today's society around Southampton. I want to break down the stereotypes of disability and be there as a support network promoting disabled talent within the media today, as I think that is where there is a gap in society and I want to create a link between listener and presenter and most of all be a support to the community.

I want to set an example to many others out there which is what I try to portray through my social media profiles. Anything is possible.

Find me on instagram: chelsie_jones_models 

Follow my youtube journey here: