Meet The Team - Margaret - Daytime Presenter

When I was a teenager in the early 80’s I loved the radio. Sitting in front of the radio waiting for the top 10 countdown and finding out who was at number one was a social event and so exciting.

There was also Top of the Pops, but as there was only one TV in the house, watching TOTP was only possible if my parents weren't watching something else. So, sitting cross legged on my bedroom floor listening to the radio was my escape from daily life. Radio 1 DJ’s were living legends and possibly the first influencers. Reading articles about the DJ’s - what they were wearing, what they were doing and what they were listening to in the magazines was important information. And of course I was no different to all the other teenage girls of my generation, I idolised the DJ’s, but they didn’t fuel my love of radio as much as the new breed of talk radio hosts in America. I saw programmes on the TV about them and was struck by how immediately I was drawn to them. Yes I felt like the radio 1 DJ’s were talking to me but with talk radio, they seemed to be talking directly to me. It was intimate and it was exciting and I wanted to be a part of that. However, it was the 80’s and the world for women although moving in the right direction wasn’t fully supportive of girls that wanted to do something ‘unusual’. I honestly didn’t know that I could work in radio and even if I did, it would not have been encouraged or supported.

So, I got on with life inside my boundaries and forgot all about radio. In my Mid 20’s I was at home with a small child, my husband was away and there had been a storm which took out the power for several weeks. During that time I found a local radio station so that I could get weather and power updates. I listened to that station all day and most of the night on my battery operated radio. I felt that the presenters were in my home with me and helped with the isolation that I was feeling. Again I wanted to be part of that. The power came back on, I had more children, life went on and I stayed the receiving end of the airwaves.

Jump forward 30 years and my relationship with radio is just about to get more exciting. A chance meeting put VoiceFM on my radar and I was making enquiries about becoming a volunteer and possibly a presenter …….. I had a stroke!

Not much call for a radio presenter who can’t speak. It took me 4 years to get my health, mobility and voice back. Here we are then, in the present day. I am going about my business, which is now Psychotherapy and Publishing, when I get an email asking me if I am still interested in becoming a volunteer. OH MY WORD - YES! Working in the background would have been exciting but I was offered a show. The teenage girl inside this grown woman was overwhelmed with joy. This grown woman was so excited that she considered doing a cartwheel. I felt that should I actually attempt to do a cartwheel, I would probably have a terrible accident and my radio career would be on hold again ….. I am so looking forward to bringing you an interactive and audience based show. Full of wellness information, chat and most importantly; showcasing local people and events. I'm fairly sure that my catch phrase will be “How you doing? What you doing? Tell me everything”

You can listen to Margaret every Wednesday live on Voice FM 2-4pm

Find Margaret on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @margaretvoicefm