Meet The Team - Matt - Weekend Breakfast and Social Media

Hey its Matt Clewes here, Voice FM has been my second home for the last 5 years since I joined the station in 2015 and it has opened up so many opportunities for me.

I have done most shows at Voice and it all started when I hosted Breakfast Tuesday to Friday’s with three of my best mates as part of The Fry Up.

It was such an amazing experience, and we did all sorts of things and from then it just propelled us all to various different things that we wanted to carry on to do.

Last year (2019) we got the band back together (as they say) and hosted a Reunion Show on the show that I do now Weekend Breakfast and it was great. It just brought back all the memories and it was received so well and it’s a big thank you to Rosie and Jake for letting it happen.

On the back of this if there was one thing, I would advise is that if you want to do a radio show, just put yourself out there and try it because especially when you’re around you mates there’s nothing better than having a laugh and sharing that passion too.

Apart from Breakfast, I have hosted Drive, Your Choice On Voice and who knows what else but it shows that I can’t quite stay away maybe! I am forever thankful for the platform that it has given me and even if I have one listener that makes me happy.

The best thing about it is the friends that I have made (cue Inbetweeners meme), its cheesy but it’s true. The fun you can have and the banter between shows especially that myself and Simon have is what it is all about as you get to meet people who have exactly the same ideas as you.

Last year was a great year where we hosted Seaside In The Square and I was lucky enough to open it up with Rosie Fulton (my co-host) at the time and it was mental and something that I had dreamed off actually.

I used to go to Summertime Ball’s and wanting to be on a stage like that and just having fun with it all and definitely made the most of it. That summer the pair of us hosted a couple of gigs that year and it was just a taste of what could potentially be.

Plus, I am able to call artists like Sam Lavery, Four Of Diamonds, Cally Rhodes and more all friends which is great and I am no longer awkward around these people like I would be when I was say 13!

Another aspect of the station I get my hands into is the social media and I run all the accounts and content create for the station.

It allows me to combine this passion with another and I really believe that the best way to get people to communicate now is social media as that is the world we live in now.

On the side I continue to make radio to an extent, I have my own podcast called ‘Matt Clewes with…’ which is where I just chat all sorts of things with various musicians and more and play the odd game. It just adds to everything that I love to do.

You can hear me every Saturday morning on Weekend Breakfast with my good friend Dani Da Palma as she continues to argue with me over why pineapple shouldn’t be on pizza.

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See you soon!