Missing Live Music? We have a solution for that!

Live music is one of my favourite things. There's nothing better than being at a show or the theatre, getting lost in the music and forgetting your day to day life. Obviously I've had quite a few shows rescheduled over the last few weeks and numerous artists have had to find another way to keep themselves busy, still promote their releases and hopefully find a way to generate some income.

One of the things I've found that is getting me through my days at the moment is having a virtual gig to attend in the evening. I've been to one every night this week and its doing wonders for my mental health. So, with the weekend looming I decided to compile a list of the ones I've been enjoying this week and some of the ones I've found, I might even get round to doing some virtual gig reviews as well.

All sorts of artists are doing this, some you may know and some you are yet to discover. So why not turn your living room into a makeshift music venue every evening? Spill some beer on the floor so you stick to it. Use your kids as security. Charge yourself a fortune for a pint. You could even mosh with your dog! I myself am enjoying being able to watch something without the tallest person in the room standing in front of me...

NEW DEVICE - UK rock band New Device have been giving nightly shows over on their facebook page. Frontman Daniel Leigh has been performing acoustic versions of their songs and some requests too. There's always a lively chat amongst the 'crowd' at these shows, drinks flowing and a real Saturday night in the pub vibe.

GARY BARLOW - Take That frontman Gary has been posting a series of virtual duets on his socials over the last week. Named the 'Crooner Sessions' so far we've had Alfie Boe, Ronan Keating and the legend that is Rick Astley. Gary has now opened this up for submissions, so if you know any budding stars who fancy the opportunity to sing with him, head over to his Twitter page.

DAN HADFIELD - Speaking of singing with Mr Barlow, Europes #1 tribute Dan has done just that and is doing a full show live from his lounge this Saturday. Always a fun show with this man, he's funny and entertaining. All the info you need about how to stream this is on his Facebook Page.

LEAVE A LIGHT ON - With the West End 'dark' for an extended period Londons Theatre Cafe have teamed up with producers Lambert Jackson to put on a series of live streamed shows with the stars of some of the biggest West End Shows, this weekend features stars from Six, Come From Away and Mamma Mia. You can find out all about it over at The Theatre Cafe

LUCY KITCHEN - Local singer songwriter Lucy was meant to be playing a gig this weekend on the Isle of Wight, she's decided instead to do this from her home and will be streaming live Saturday from 6pm on her Facebook Page

JOHN WHITE - John White is an incredible performer who does a young Elvis tribute, what an icon he was and if you're isolating with your grandparents this would be a fab one. Today from 3pm in this Elvis Group.

CALUM LINTOTT - Calum has been a frequent visitor to Voice over the years and was devastated to have to postpone his biggest ever show at The 1865 so instead he's performing an isolation show over at his Facebook on Friday at 7pm.

HENRY NEWBURY - Henry is a local performer and from what I gather multi instrumentalist who quite frankly is wonderful. A friend told me to check out one of his live streams. The man gave me goosebumps, he will be doing more of these but in the meantime please check out his last one, you will not be disappointed!

BIFFY CLYRO - A fabulous new rock band from Scotland who are doing a wonderful live stream over on their Facebook page this evening from 6pm. Biffy are one of the best live bands I've seen so this one is going to be an amazing event to see.

ROYAL REPUBLIC - Swedish rockers are doing a live stream tonight as well on their Facebook and Youtube channel at 8pm UK time. These guys are bonkers so this will be interesting show!

BLUES PILLS - For those of you who like your music a little more bluesy/rocky then Swedish legends will be live from 7pm UK Time here. This will be incredible!

KRIS BARRAS BAND - Another rocky one for you but this time with a q&a as well. Kris Barras Band live on Sunday from 7pm on their Facebook page

That should give you all enough to satisfy your live music needs this weekend whatever you're into.

Stay tuned next week to our socials for a big announcement about some more live music! #homefest

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