Peter Pan - Mayflower Theatre - Review

On Tuesday 17 112/19 I was lucky to be asked to attend the press night for one of the

biggest highlights in Southampton at Christmas.

The annual Christmas pantomime , This Year a Production of Peter Pan, began on

Saturday 14th December and I attended my first ever Major Pantomime

I have seen amateur Pantomime many times and they are all usually excellent.

But to go and see various celebrities starring in a Pantomime at Christmas put a tick on

the bucket list.

From the very start I knew we were in for a proper Yuletide extravaganza.

Darren Day , as Mr Smee , Immediately brought in audience participation and was very

entertaining throughout .

The dancing cast including the Lindsey Read School Of Dance were all on target.

The scene changes were very clever including the awesome animatronics of the flying

scene where Mr Smee soars above the stage on a Motorbike

And the fearsome ticking Alligator that stretched out above the audience nearest the


Jaymi Hensley who played Peter Pan was very convincing and also had a great singing


Marti Pellow as captain Cook was menacing and showed his vocal skills on various

shanty’s aboard the ship

But for me what stole the show were The Grumbleweeds that had me in fits of laughter.

Mostly when one of them suddenly sped across the stage naked bar a small cardboard

box. His comedy partner then joked it was a good job he was wearing a box and suddenly

he shoots across the stage stark naked in a tasteful way.

The other highlight is the excellent Timbuktu Tumblers who’s limbo under a flaming

stick at a foot and a bit high without harming himself had us all on the edge of our

seats .

Tinkerbell played by Kellie Gnauck was sweet and very believable to kids , Cassie

Compton as Wendy played a great role and Micha Richardson who was Tiger Lily gave

a sensual samba dance in the jungle scene .

By the time the curtain went down I was grinning from ear to ear and feeling honoured

to have reviewed it .

All in all a fabulous Christmas treat as usual and worth a visit with the kids or just by


Peter Pan is at Mayflower until 5th January - tickets still available here