#presenterprofile - Jordan Ip

Hey! I’m Jordan Ip, 28 years old, and I host Voice FM Drivetime on a Tuesday and the Cheese Party on a Sunday night.

I have now been here for about a year and a half and I love being able to present with Voice and interact with everyone for the shows.

I’ve always had a passion for radio, starting back in school, where I hosted on a local radio station most days broadcasting out to the west side of Southampton, working with Danielle Perry, who back then was part of Power FM (Yes, I am showing my age a bit!). I also worked as part of Sound radio in University as well, which was good fun!

Outside of radio, I work as a Registered Care Manager, primarily with older people, which is challenging but so rewarding.

I have a degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management after attending the University of Winchester too!

I am also engaged to be married to my ‘better half’ Nicola, and have a 3 month old son Eli, which nobody would ever thought would happen!

Alongside this, I have probably an unhealthy Cola addiction, and love making bad puns. You can tell I’m a dad, because my puns are more like dad jokes! You can often hear these on air (please don’t let that put you off!). Finally, it’s worth mentioning that I am part Chinese, and love Chinese food a lot! So if you ever wonder where my last name comes from, and why it’s so short there you go!

You can catch me on Voice FM every Tuesday 5pm – 7pm for your Drive Time show, and every Sunday night 8pm – 10pm for your Cheese Party.

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