#presenterprofile - Ryan Galpin

When given the unenviable task of describing me in a bio, a friend once wrote: "pocket-size, unflappable, loyal and charmingly odd." Though I will concede that many of my oddities are far from charming, I reckon he did a pretty good job.

I first moved to Southampton back in the early 2010s as a fresh-faced Solent student. Though I have attempted to escape the cities clutches on numerous occasions, I always seem to find my way back. And though that fresh-faced look is a distant memory, I am excited to be a 'fresh face' to the Voice FM family as the first half of the dynamic duo of 'Ry & Kay' (co-hosts of the Thursday & Friday Drive Show.)

Though my fledgeling career in sport came to an abrupt end after university, I am still an avid fan. I have a particular affinity for American Football and have supported the New Orleans Saints since getting into the sport. Thanks to my love of travelling, I've made several trips to the US where I watched several live games, sadly no Saints games as yet. (Bucket list item #1)

It's not just America that my travelling obsession has taken me. I spent my gap year teaching in Nepal, spent four months in Australia in 2019, and have visited Kenya to work with football coaches from the Kibera Slum 4 times. I have also visited Europe on several trekking expeditions. These have often included hitchhiking, camping and the occasional chasing of sheep. (They were trying to eat my shorts)

I am a self-professed coffee snob and will spend about 15 minutes making my morning coffee (trust me, its worth it). I also enjoy reading and recently finished Richard Osman's excellent first book: The Thursday Murder Club. I am quite into crime novels; I enjoyed Robert Galbraith's 'Strike' series in particular. I also enjoy a good fantasy and currently making my way through The Wheel of Time series. (I'm on book 5 of 14)

So those are just a few of my more 'charming' oddities; you'll have to listen in on Thursday and Friday to discover the rest.